Love yourself!

I love boudoir, what I love most about it is the vulnerability and confidence it derives from you.  I view boudoir as a gift to yourself, treasuring yourself and your form in the here and now.  They are nice to share with significant others, but you don't need a significant other or someone to share these photos with to revel in the excitement of them.  These photographs are an appreciation of yourself at any and every stage in your life.  

You are  a thing of beauty.

You are your own treasure. 



If we're being honest, I'm a total weirdo, photo geek & all-around semi-nice person. I believe in being kind (well trying), and know that I may falter on that path because I'm still learning those curves. My goal is to empower women and help them see what I see -- a bad-ass babe who's killing it. I love history and reading about the craziness that existed before and I find myself so incredibly grateful for where we are today (thank you hot water & indoor plumbing).

My style: muted and over the top, like a wild child who loves the calm.



We are surrounded by flaws

this never-ending need for

and yet consumed by flawlessness;

But we're not perfect,

Life is flawed,


even the most beautiful things are flawed.

the need to appreciate what is as it is while

and that is it's perfection to me,


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