I started my journey all the way back in 2004. A present from my sister back then has since turned into a life-long passion. I went to school in NB to study photography. I second shot for a Shannon-May, a magical moment catcher. I had an apprenticeship on the base at Gagetown for a year with NBCC.  I've been able to flex my photography skills a wee bit. 

Photography is all about the light. Finding it, capturing it, playing with it. I love to have fun with photography and I love to play with light.

I empower women through fabulous photography

 I provide timeless fine art portraits to the discernible woman looking for quality photographs. 

Photographer in Pembroke, Ontario
Photographer in Pembroke, Ontario
Photographer in Pembroke, Ontario


Editing style

I love a good clean edit with minimal retouching. I want your face to look like your face, I want you to look like you so I don’t go overboard on retouching. Skin smoothing yes, removing blemishes yes. Anything else, not unless requested and within reason.


I would describe my style as vintage & clean, with sunshine vibes.

Photographer in Petawawa

It's time.....

To see yourself in the way that I do. Fabulous and illuminated by the light. 

You are a thing of beauty.

You are your own treasure

Celebrate yourself.


I love boudoir. I love when women are free and feel confident in images of their body. Boudoir is a gift to yourself, at any and every stage in your life. Revel in the excitement that comes with seeing yourself in a beautiful way.

You are stunning,

Adore yourself.


I'm a sushi bitch, a basic bitch, and a mother bleeping beautiful bish who loves sleep, a good series, iced matcha lattes, and all the food. I will try just about any food at least three times. 

I am a mother and military spouse. Meaning I have become adaptable to virtually any surrounding. Obviously not outer space or underwater. I love the ocean but I will not go scuba diving. I went snorkelling once and it was a scary experience for me.  I kept getting sucked towards the riptide and there was a school of fish following me.  Never again. 

About Me, myself, & that crazy b****

 in my head.

we don't do basic,
we do fabulous with an ethereal edge

If you're looking for some body love appreciation, & you are curvy, slim, or somewhere in between, consider a  photoshoot to assert what you already know. You are amazing, your body is amazing and you deserve to be celebrated.

You are your most important relationship, take the time to really honour and celebrate yourself.